Though the Space Shuttle has been admired by the entire world, it no longer flies; it has inspired many pioneers and visionaries alike. From his first day at Rockwell International many decades ago, RTOS™ Founder, Ray Ashton, always knew that there would come a day that space would be just another way to transport people and defend the United States.

Space can no longer be limited to just professional astronauts. It is academic now that to ensure the very survival and proliferation of humanity, we must seek new frontiers in space. It starts right now and in our own backyard in the Solar System. Vertical take-off vehicles, though easily understood, are limited in their capabilities to say the least. 

It is commonly known that pioneers are usually way ahead of existing technologies in their thinking, hence the term visionary; however, the time has come to build new ways to reach the orbit and beyond. New ways of reaching space can no longer be a science fiction, it has to be pure science. And it is here NOW!

Just imagine, getting on a Spacecraft and taking off from a regular runway at an airport and fly to the earth orbit or ultimately to nearby planets or moons without the traditional explosive vertical launch vehicles. Of course, it is easier said than done, and that is why RTOS™ is not only breaking new grounds, but also offering new bold Spacecraft that will change the space travel as we know it.

The history is about to repeat itself, once again.

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