“Only bold visions make history!” – Ray Ashton


AFFECTS SAT will bring a major leap in Aerospace,  and create new high-paying jobs with major Economic Development, and exponential socioeconomic growth impact within the respective communities. We will bring back the golden age of Aerospace, but instead of watching yet another traditional launch, we will witness the United States of America taking its rightful lead in Space, once again!

We are creating NEW Aerospace markets, with many First To Market. Traditional Aerospace companies are not our competitors, as they stand to benefit from our industry transforming and pioneering innovations. We welcome cooperation with other aerospace related companies and institutions. However, we expect nothing short of the best of the best in the industry. We don’t judge competency by the size of a company, but rather by the uniqueness of innovation, and the character of employees. Putting America First is a must in order to do business with us.
















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