Ray Ashton
Innovator, Pioneer (STAR-10R™ & SEAD™)
Founder, Preventive Wellness™

Ray Ashton is an American visionary, innovator, pioneer, inventor and entrepreneur in many industries (Aerospace to Healthcare),
a proven global leader who has impacted many large and small corporations and contributed with significant breakthrough
developments. His early career work in engineering, telecommunications, and the information technology revolution, earned him
the “Laureate” honor in the 2000 Smithsonian Computer-world “A Search for New Heroes” for Innovation. In the Healthcare and
Wellness, he is the Innovator of Preventive Wellness™, a phrase he coined in 1989. He has taken his proprietary non-medication
Preventive Wellness™ services to many who have improved and benefited from his methods for many years.

With a lifelong passion for health and wellness, Mr. Ashton has a totally different and unique approach towards Healthcare. He has
pioneered a system which underlies his unique philosophical and non-medication approach to Healthcare. Ray’s vision for
Preventive Wellness™ has underpinned his extremely unique capacity in utilizing his computer memory engineering background in
guiding the creation of STAR-10R™ , and more recently SEAD™. An avid supporter of the Baby-boomer generation and Senior
population, Ray is dedicated to memory care and longevity, which led to his innovative creation of a unique Cognitive
Rehabilitation and Prevention system of Intervention in Dementia care. The positive improvements on symptom management with
the implementation of his STAR-10R™ system, helps reduce over-medication and their harmful (some times fatal) side-effects
that are impacting Seniors’ lives world-widde. Furthermore, Mr. Ashton’s innovate SEAD™, the only dynamic cognitive
assessment tool in the world, with its power to more accurately designate one with Dementia to the appropriate stage, is expected
to revolutionize and reshape the Geriatric Healthcare Industry, globally. A Licensed Social Worker, Mr. Ashton is accredited by
the Texas State Board of Examiners for Continuing Education, and is also accredited by the national Commission for Case
Management Certification. Ray has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from California State University, and a
Masters in Business, Communication and Information Technology from University of California, both in Los Angeles – where he
has also served as an Adjunct Professor.
Dr. Arnold Bresky, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Preventive Wellness

Dr. Bresky is a Preventive Gerontologist and a pioneer in the field of Behavioral Neurology, a world authority in Geriatric, and a
visionary in Dr. Bradley’s Husband-Coached Natural Childbirth (Free-Standing Birth Centers), Hospice Units in Hospitals and the
Wellness Movement.  Dr. Bresky truly believes in quality of life and how well one should live his/her life. His main focus is bio-
markers of aging are the brain and the immune system. Dr. Bresky shares the same view as our founder that the best approach is
prevention. As an integrative physician, he believes that pills and surgery are necessary, but are not sufficient.  Fifteen years ago he
became a practicing Preventive Gerontologist in the field of Behavioral Neurology in Southern California.  As a result of his
research and clinical experience, he has designed a Whole Person Centered Care system that is scientific, evidence-based and
durable. Dr. Bresky claims that he can grow new brain cells and re-wire the brain at any age. He aims to delay the Alzheimer’s
Disease.  Dr. Bresky received his MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  Dr. Bresky is actively supporting STAR-10R with
national projects. Dr. Bresky is a highly sought after Behavioral Neurologist and industry leader in Gerontology.
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Dr. Narendra Punjabi, M.D.
Preventive Wellness, Advisor

Dr. Narendra S. Punjabi, MD, specializes in Allergy, Immunology, asthma and drug addiction treatment. Dr. Punjabi  has been
serving the central Texas area for over 25 years. Additionally, he specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and is an expert
in Wellness. He has his own private medical practice along with interest in the Nursing Homes in Texas. He is highly regarded in
the medical field and his association with STAR Preventive Wellness, brings additional resources to our company. Dr. Punjabi is a
member of Texas Medical Association along with Association in Travai Medical Society.  He received his MD from Medical
College Baroda in India.
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Preventive Wellness

The Preventive Wellness platform (also a division within AFFECTS) has long been dedicated to delivering services specifically tailored for special
population groups to enhance their physical and mental well-being.  Our intent on reducing the individuals’ need for unnecessary prescribed
medication underpins the focus of our innovation for creation of, and providing non-pharmacological Wellness solutions.  Furthermore, with the major
unfavorable personal health and social impact on families and the increasing economic burden of many ill-health states with symptomatic treatment of
drugs alone, too many preventable casualties of lives are occurring year after year.  Our “preventive wellness” approach in Healthcare management is
to intervene in the growing aging population with our ‘
Seniors Today, Active & Rejuvenated purpose-designed flagship service and licensed
STAR-10R and SEAD. Incorporating these into the services of Independent and Assisted Living communities, as well as those of
Nursing Homes and Memory Care Units, not only will you be uniquely differentiated from your competitors, but you will also increase your margins
and revenue without any additional overhead.
Whether you’re a Geriatric Community or a Home Health Agency, utilizing STAR-10R and
 will help you retain your residents longer, before you are forced to lose them to higher levels of care.   

is our unique system comprising proprietary developed ‘methods’ and ‘techniques’ that assists in preserving brain function associated
with the ‘normal’ cognitive decline of age-associated memory impairment (AAMI), thus “preventing” the transition to the state of mild cognitive
impairment (MCI), characterized by cognitive deficits.  Once MCI has been reached in the elderly or in those more youthful though with poorer
health, the risk for progression to dementia, with its significant decline in daily living function, is somewhat heightened; however research indicates
advancement to dementia is not imminent.  This is where
STAR-10R is most beneficial: its interactive implementation in the early stages of MCI
intervenes positively with multi-modal affect, improving cognitive function and reducing the looming probability of developing dementia.
Due to its
design and impact on
both Preventing and Intervening in Cognitive Impairment, STAR-10R is especially ideal for communities that
offer varying level of services, from Independent Living all the way to Skilled Nursing.

, our most recent innovation, is the latest major breakthrough in cognitive assessment tools.  Since the onset of dementia from the earlier
stages of MCI is gradual and progressive, pinpointing exactly when it begins is difficult, and all too often diagnosis is missed by health professionals.  
SEAD (Symptoms Examination & Assessment for Dementia) has been specifically designed to ameliorate problems in assessing cognitive
impairment and the consequence of mistaken classification.  Dynamic and multi-dimensional in its function, our
SEAD cognitive assessment
platform system, fills the much needed gap in the Healthcare industry in being able to assess, diagnose and classify cognitive function appropriately,
allowing more timely and optimal management measures to be put in place for those with cognitive deficits and their families.

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