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Preventive Wellness™  (AFFECTS LLC)

We innovate, incubate and implement advanced, progressive and
proprietary services and unique methods involving specialized sectors
of the Healthcare and Wellness industries under our Preventive Wellness™
division, platform and
system. There are numerous opportunities for
Healthcare Providers, Resellers, Educators, Management Consulting
firms and Investment communities within the Preventive Wellness™.


We innovate and pioneer highly advanced and futuristic technologies in a number of industries other than
Healthcare at the EPIIC™ (Entrepreneurs, Pioneers, Innovators and Investors ™ ) division. The industries we
currently serve include Aerospace, Aviation, Tactical Security, Animation and other supporting high tech
sectors. We are absolutely committed to innovation and the advancement of various industries, ensuring
America's global leadership in our serving industries. We welcome cooperations with complementing entities
including research and development, government sectors and other startups and investors.
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